How Much Do Kitchen Appliance Repairs Cost?

Typical electrical kitchen appliance repair work costs $1,000 to $2,000. Electricians and appliance repair firms charge between $45 to $120 per hour for repairs. Expect a service charge as well, which can range between $150 to $200 per visit.

Fixing or installing larger appliances, however, is more difficult. A range, for example, can require either a 250- or 125-volt circuit depending on if it’s entirely electrical or gas-powered, and you’ll need at least two 20-amp, 125-volt circuits to run small appliances. These circuits can each carry multiple outlets, but you don’t want to overload them — often, a third is necessary.

The national average is $159 for dishwasher repairs – companies typically charge $75 to $150 per hour. Expect a $50 to $75 trip charge too for them to come and inspect the problem.Certified electricians will charge anywhere from $45 to $60 an hour for their work, and electrical contractors may charge between $75 and $120 per hour. This sounds like a lot, but paying more for certified work is preferable to paying a cheaper price for work you’ll need to replace in a few years. If a “professional” charges less than $30 an hour, be suspicious.

The price for new appliances range between $350 and $8,000. The broad range depends on the type of appliance, such as a refrigerators on the high-end to dryers on the low-end. We include cost breakouts for each below.

Listen to your contractor

Repairing or upgrading electrical kitchen appliances is one of the most complex tasks you can take on, whether you DIY or hire a professional. Often, you can’t see if you’ve done the wiring on a kitchen or dishwasher correctly; unlike drywall or painting or flooring, obvious signs of shoddy work may not be present.