Renting vs Buying: What to Choose

Buying a House Pros and cons

Buying a house is a serious step in your life and you need to consider all the problems you may face and review the advantages you get with your own property. There are plenty of reasons to buy or not to buy a house, but we’ll highlight the key points that should help you understand whether you’re ready to buy your own property.

Building Your Equity

Home equity is the difference in the market value of your home and how much you owe. So let’s say you’ve taken the mortgage and the market value of your house went up. You still pay out a fixed mortgage sum, so there is a difference between those two numbers and that difference can be put to good use, that’s your valuable asset.

Getting Tax Benefits

Owning a house is, first of all, a huge investment. Even if you’re not pulling your equity loan, there is always a chance to sell your house later for a better price. But as of today, you are here and you love the idea of buying a house, right? Then you’ll be happy to know that as a homeowner you’ll also be entitled to tax benefits.

Monthly Mortgage Payments May Be Lower Than Rental Ones

improve Your Home In Any Way You Want

You’re Stuck With The Same House

Paying The Property Taxes

Paying For Home Repairs And Maintenance


Renting A House Pros/Cons

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Taking mortgage and buying yourself a house may really become a great investment. However, not all of us love this kind of financial deals where you owe lots of money for something and you’re about to pay it off for more than 10 years.Being free from this kind of financial burden is precious, but there are a few more things that you may enjoy while renting a place.

You Can Move To Another Neighborhood Anytime


Live In The Area You Cannot Afford To Own A House In


Maintenance And Repairs Are On The Landlord



You Cannot Change Anything Without The Homeowner Approval