Free Legal Advice: 5 Best Sites That Are Actually Free

Free Legal Advice: 5 Best Sites That Are Actually Free



Free Legal Advice:  Best Sites That Are Actually Free

According to Moz, the first result in Google for “free legal advice” is Despite the name, to get an answer the site makes you go through four doorway pages. Then, right before you supposedly get an answer, you’re asked to give them your… credit card.

But that doesn’t mean free legal advice isn’t out there for the taking.

Whether you’re a lawyer looking for places to find clients, or wanting to size up your competition, here are some sources for legal advice that’s actually free.


Avvo should be your first stop for free legal advice if your question is straightforward.


Maybe your question is less straightforward, but you’re not ready to pay for a 15-minute phone call. Quora is your next stop.

Quora is what Yahoo Answers tried to be. It is a place where experts in every arena can network and display their prowess by answering people’s questions. Good answers rise to the top, bad answers languish at the bottom. It’s a great resource for many topics, including the law.


Reddit operates similarly to Quora, but with anonymity. This can be good in that it encourages candid responses. But if you want to double check whether your answer comes from an authoritative source, you’re out of luck.Try the Legal Advice Subreddit to get you started. But remember to read the rules before posting or you’ll get banned in a hurry.


If you don’t have any lawyers following you, asking your legal question on Twitter isn’t likely to yield much. However, I’ve found the lawyers on Twitter to be pretty responsive when addressed directly.The great thing about Twitter is a nice, respectful nobody can have a conversation with a famous person pretty easily.

Rocket Lawyer

Despite ranking for “free legal advice,” Rocket Lawyer is not free. You can get one free legal form, and there is some free advice on the site. So it’s not a bad place to gather information. But you’re not going to get as much for free as you do with Avvo.


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