Exterior Home Trends Coming Your Way in 2021

Beautiful Garage Doors

In many home communities garages are front and center on the home’s exterior.  That said, they should be beautiful! Coming in 2020, there is going to be a want for more than a traditional metal garage. We are seeing more decorative garage doors that make a statement.  More contemporary glass garage doors, with windows throughout the front, will be found on different types of homes. Reclaimed wood garage doors that match the architectural style of the home.  Also, black garage doors with unique patterns and textures.  Finally, don’t skimp on the garage hardware.  Sometimes a simple lift handle or side bracket is all it takes to update your style!

Spanish colonial garage door

Use of Fiber Cement Siding

Wood siding is gorgeous but often shows age due to weather; however, fiber cement is a great alternative! It’s durable and better suited for harsh elements, not to mention, it’s a beautiful and timeless way to update a an older home.  Many times, we are being asked to pull off old cladding, such as rock or stucco, and replace with fiber cement siding.  

Night Gray James Hardie siding

#3.  Natural Wood Elements

Natural wood is gorgeous so it’s no wonder the look is here to stay! People are using more and more natural elements from nature.  From living walls to exterior water features, wood is another way to bring your home one with nature.  Wood corbels, brackets, shutters, doors, and columns… a natural wood accent can’t be beat.  

#4.  Metal Roof

Metal roof materials, aluminum and steel, contain high percentages of recycled content.  Many aluminum products are 100% recyclable.  Therefore, a metal roof is a green choice!  They are also a durable material known to last far longer than a traditional shingle roof.  To learn more about what’s true and what’s not with a metal roof, click here.  It’s a trend we will be seeing more in 2020.

metal roof

#5.  A Bridge Between Living and Working Spaces

What does this mean?  It means a lot more people are working from home and want comfortable spaces to work, live, and relax.  That said, there is a draw to bring the inside, out.  Outside spaces are now gorgeous, with comfortable seating and a variety of nooks to work and play.  Living walls, solar lighting, water features outdoors, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, etc. are all part of this movement.  

#6.  Color Green

Hues for interior spaces and exterior spaces are different.  Interior spaces are looking more at soulful pinks, neo mint greens, and dusty lilacs for 2020; however, outdoor spaces are still leaning toward whites, blacks, and earthy tones.  That said, there is also a green movement… green meaning eco friendly and the color!  Gray green home exteriors, or homes with green accents on the porch, front door, underside of stairways, etc. will be seen more often in 2020.

patio furniture green accent

#7.  Solar Panels

California mandated that all newly built homes, constructed in 2020 onward, will have solar power. Other states are looking to follow this eco-friendly requirement as well.  There is a global shift headed towards solar power; therefore, solar panels on the roof and landscape lighting are definitely going to be seen often in 2020.  

solar power on tile roof

#8.  Bigger Driveways & Walkways

In 2020, there will be a move toward bigger, wider driveways and walkways.  Maybe it has to do with the large vehicles on the road, or family size increasing, or the fact families don’t want to spend Sunday afternoons mowing the lawn so they opt for more beautiful hardscape.  In any case, larger driveways and walkways created from cement, pavers and bricks will be a thing to consider.

large driveway

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